Well, this post is a long time coming. We have been Slot Gacor in Ireland now for just over three weeks. I think as I reflect back on our time here at a later date I will love Ireland even more than I already do. Luckily we still have a week left to look at the beautiful endless shades of green and interact with the incredibly friendly people of Ireland.

Flying To Ireland

We flew into Ireland on a Monday morning. We had taken the red-eye flight from New York with Aer Lingus, Ireland’s main airline. Our very first interaction with the people of Ireland came on that flight and it was fantastic. The flight attendants were friendly and helpful. They made us feel welcome while on the flight and even while Grayson woke up towards the end and threw a very rare ‘I am extremely tired’ fit. Each of their planes comes fitted with certain seats that have a drop down bassinet for children. They offer personal entertainment systems at each seat to keep you entertained and a choice of meal and snacks. The plane was clean, comfortable and enjoyable to fly in. Continue Reading