The drive from Crescent City to Klamath is through a Redwood forest that is dense and surreal. We found ourselves pulling off to the side of the road so that other drivers could pass us while we looked out at the massive redwood trees.

There are several redwood forests located in California. We visited three on this road trip. My two favorite spots were the drive from Crescent City and the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park just below Klamath. They both offer great views off of the road as well as spots to pull off for short hikes that lead to larger redwoods and more beautiful views.

Lake Tahoe was next on our journey. I was able to visit Lake Tahoe about fifteen years ago and, since then, had always wanted to go back. Lake Tahoe is one of the clearest lakes I have ever seen. The mountain roads surrounding the lake are a lot of fun to drive on and the beaches are also clean and inviting. This time around, however, we had to deal with Yellow Jackets because the weather was warm. But, other then that, we had a great time visiting different beaches and taking in the scenery.

Overall, everyone in my family really enjoyed this road trip. This trip was mainly focused on beautiful scenery and a few historic spots. Our next road trip coming up, we focus more on historical sites as we make our way around the eastern united states.