The reasons for visiting Louisburgh first were obvious to Katie and I. First, we Slot Bet Kecil wanted to be in a small and quiet town, close to the ocean where our family could adjust to the time change. (Ireland is 8 hours ahead of Arizona.) This ended up not being that big of a deal for the kids. I personally think that our stay in New York for four days helped the kids adjust easier.

Second, we wanted to be in a nice home, similar to our old home in Arizona in order to make it easier on the kids, especially Grayson. On the top of this post, you will see the AirBnB location that we rented in Louisburgh. This home is owned by Dolly and Graham. Simply put, they were fantastic to work with and really spoiled us. Their home was lovely and helped us adapt quickly.


This picture shows the view down main street in Louisburgh. Taken outside of the home we were renting.

Third, Katie and I knew that after we had spent four days cruising around Situs Slot Gacor Manhattan and then two days running around Dublin, that the kids would be exhausted. Our family would need time to relax and slow down a little. We think slow travel will keep us from getting burnt out and overwhelmed. Two weeks in Louisburgh proved to be just what we needed.

What I liked about Louisburgh.

Louisburgh is breathtakingly beautiful. The home we Slot Pragmatic Hari Ini stayed in was walking distance to a fishable river and the ocean. The people of Louisburgh are incredibly friendly and helpful. Time seemed to slow down for us while we were here and it was a welcome change. The playground is close and the library had plenty of books and videos to entertain our kids.


Liberty and Justice playing at the Louisburgh Playground

Within walking distance, you had access to Slot Bet Murah a supermarket, pharmacy, 3 pubs, 2 cafes and several restaurants. Most of the cafes only accepted cash, but the pubs and supermarket accepted credit cards.

The tide in Louisburgh is wild. One beach that Slot Maxwin Graham took us  to looked as if the beach was a 1/2 mile from the water. You could tell where the water would come all the way up almost to the road. The only other place I have seen a tide close to this would be Puerto Paenasco in Mexico. Seashells are everywhere and it was almost surreal to look away from the ocean to the backdrop behind us.


Justice posing for the camera as we walk to the ocean. The ocean is behind him. This was taken at low tide.

What to do in the area around Louisburgh

Louisburgh is about a 20 minute drive from Westport. Westport is a larger town with several hotels, restaurants and a movie theater. They also have a port and the Westport house. We spent one full day in Westport and a few mornings walking around the city.

There is a lot of history surrounding Westport. The Great Famine Slot Terpercaya hit this area hard. There are still remnants of the potato planting in the fields and the family living in the Westport at the time of the famine did all they could to help the starving people in that area.

I enjoyed learning about the Browne family and their relative, the famous Situs Slot Gacor Hari Ini pirate queen Grace O’Malley. I hope that our kids learned something from this trip into Westport along with the wonderful time spent in Louisburgh. Overall, I am happy that we chose Louisburgh as our first stay and I hope that we are able to visit again in the future.

Where We Stayed

Teach an Táilliúra, – Houses for Rent in Louisburgh

House in Louisburgh, Ireland. Teach Slot Maxwin an Táilliúra is a lovingly restored four bedroomed town house in the heart of Louisburgh, with an enclosed garden backing onto fields. It is a few minutes walk from the local shops, pubs and restaurants and a short drive from the local beac… View all listings in Louisburgh

Why we chose to stay in Louisburgh, Ireland first.

Louisburgh Ireland is located close to the far RTP Slot Tertinggi western end of Ireland.

Almost directly across from Dublin. We chose to get to Lousiburgh by taking the train from Dublin to Westport and then the bus from Westport to Louisburgh.