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Visiting Ireland

Ireland was the first foreign country that we visited on our round the world trip and it was awesome. In fact, I think we spoiled ourselves to much by starting here. The country side was green and incredible to look it. I don’t think it could have gotten old.

We stayed in Ireland for a month and travelled around the island and saw a lot. The posts below highlight some of the places we visited and things that we did. I would recommend that everyone visit Ireland. My wife and I could see our family living there. The people are incredible and there is so much to see and do.

We hope to go back sometime in the near future, probably in the spring or summer so that we can explore the northern part and enjoy some of the beaches.

Lismore, Ireland – One Of The Most Beautiful Places I Have Ever Visited

Lismore, Ireland is incredible! Our visit there and Slot Gacor what we experienced was almost by accident. This type of experience is why I love traveling. So, how was it that we happened upon this place? Well, it all started with wanting to see the Lismore Castle.


You can see the Lismore Castle off in the distance in this pic.

The Lismore Castle

We had heard that the Lismore Castle was a must see attraction and since it was only about 20 miles away from Dungarvan, we figured it would be worth it to spend our morning there. So we set off towards Lismore and when we drove up to the city we saw the castle we had heard about (see the image above) and it was beautiful. This whole town is beautiful. We turned our car around and drove back to a spot on the road that would allow us to take pictures. Continue Reading

Dungarvan, Ireland – Beautiful Coastal Town

The apartment we rented was located above MJ’s beauty salon and had a great view of the ocean and an old church. Everything in Habanero this town was within walking distance, so despite having a rental car, we really only used it to visit Lismore or Waterford.

Dungarvan has a nice shopping center, several Bocoran Slot Gacor Hari Ini grocery stores and plenty of great restaurants. They also have a movie theater that is nice and incredibly affordable. Like all of the towns we have visited, the people of Dungarvan are incredibly warm and friendly. Continue Reading

Ahakista Ireland – Sheeps Head Peninsula

Sheila converted an old stone home into this beautiful cottage that she actually divided into two different livable spaces. One of IDN Poker the original walls is found inside this home. It has a lot of cool history and she even has a photo album documenting the transformation.


View from our cottage.

As you can see in the picture above, the view from this cottage is incredible. Everything about this place is tranquil. Located on the far south end of Ireland, we were surrounded by the ocean. There was nothing around us but water, green hills and cow pastures. Every sunrise and sunset was spent looking out our balcony window and telling myself, “I can’t believe this is real”. Continue Reading

Louisburgh Ireland – Our First Rental

The reasons for visiting Louisburgh first were obvious to Katie and I. First, we Slot Bet Kecil wanted to be in a small and quiet town, close to the ocean where our family could adjust to the time change. (Ireland is 8 hours ahead of Arizona.) This ended up not being that big of a deal for the kids. I personally think that our stay in New York for four days helped the kids adjust easier.

Second, we wanted to be in a nice home, similar to our old home in Arizona in order to make it easier on the kids, especially Grayson. On the top of this post, you will see the AirBnB location that we rented in Louisburgh. This home is owned by Dolly and Graham. Simply put, they were fantastic to work with and really spoiled us. Their home was lovely and helped us adapt quickly. Continue Reading

Some Of My Thoughts On Ireland

Well, this post is a long time coming. We have been Slot Gacor in Ireland now for just over three weeks. I think as I reflect back on our time here at a later date I will love Ireland even more than I already do. Luckily we still have a week left to look at the beautiful endless shades of green and interact with the incredibly friendly people of Ireland.

Flying To Ireland

We flew into Ireland on a Monday morning. We had taken the red-eye flight from New York with Aer Lingus, Ireland’s main airline. Our very first interaction with the people of Ireland came on that flight and it was fantastic. The flight attendants were friendly and helpful. They made us feel welcome while on the flight and even while Grayson woke up towards the end and threw a very rare ‘I am extremely tired’ fit. Each of their planes comes fitted with certain seats that have a drop down bassinet for children. They offer personal entertainment systems at each seat to keep you entertained and a choice of meal and snacks. The plane was clean, comfortable and enjoyable to fly in. Continue Reading

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