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Best Way To Pay For Things When Traveling

What you need to know about money when Traveling

When my wife, Katie, and I started planning our round the world trip (RTW) in October of 2014, I had a ton of questions surrounding money and the best way to pay for things while we were traveling abroad. I think it is important that I start by telling you how much I HATE paying FEES! It doesn’t matter if it is an ATM fee, over-size bag fee, or late fee. I hate them all. Paying an over-size bag fee with US Airways led me to promising myself to never fly on that airline again. It almost ruined my trip to Seattle. Continue Reading

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Our Sixteen Day West Coast Road Trip

Our Sixteen Day 4105 Mile Road Trip.

“It was amazing how you could get so far from where you’d planned, and yet find it was exactly were you needed to be.”

-Sarah Dessen

(Authors note: This post is broken up into five pages. You can go to the next page at the bottom of the post.)

Coming up with a title for this post was tough. I wasn’t sure if I Situs Poker Online should go with “Our Sixteen Day West Coast Road Trip” or ” Our Sixteen Day 4105 Mile Road Trip.” Originally, the plan was to visit a few national parks on our journey from Wyoming to South Dakota. Then we would make our way up to Montana and explore the wonders of Glacier National Park, followed by a week or so of relaxation in one of my favorite areas from my church mission, Salmon, which is found in Idaho. This leads us to why I started this post with the above quote. We made significant changes to our plan after visiting Glacier National Park and it was exactly what we needed to do! The below map is a public map I created showing you exactly where we went and what places we visited.

Why we changed our road trip plans

The answer is simple: our kids travel well. They rarely complained while driving. In fact, our youngest, Grayson, would ask in the morning “can we go?”. Sure, there were a few stops that we made that they could care less about, but they enjoyed Slot Gacor the time we spent together exploring and the valuable nuggets of information we learned along the way. In fact, we were so happy with how well things went that we decided to plan a longer east coast road trip to finish out the year. But, I digress. Let me get back to the other reasons why we changed our plans.

Not only were the kids Situs Poker Online doing well, but Katie and I loved the beauty that we saw in South Dakota, Montana, and Idaho. After visiting Glacier, we were in awe. It was the closest to New Zealand that I had seen in the States. We will definitely return to Glacier Park again. After visiting Glacier, I had the idea of visiting the Oregon East Coast and visit the Redwood Forest. The beauty and wonder needed to continue.

So, on our drive from the west end Situs Poker Online of Glacier National Park to Missoula we started developing our plans and what route we would take. We realized in doing this that we would have several long drive days, but after deliberation, we decided it’s what we should do. It was totally worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing!

The Places We Visited On This West Coast Road Trip


Our adventure started in Thayne, Wyoming. The first stop on our trip Slot Online was the Alpine slides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming followed by a drive through Grand Teton National Forest and into Yellowstone National Park for our stay in a hotel near West Thumb Lake in the Yellowstone Lodge. The slides were a blast and Grand Teton was breathtaking.


Our second stop was a short drive to Old Faithful. We lucked out Situs Poker Online because as we were walking up to Old Faithful, it started to erupt followed by a smaller geyser in the background. Katie and I have both visited before, but it was our kids first time. They had visited a pretty terrible man-made geyser in New Zealand that was lackluster. So, it was important to us that they see Old Faithful. They loved it! After we made our journey through the park on our  Slot Terbaik way to Cody, Wyoming stopping by water falls and other great photo op spots along the way. Our plans were to eat and spend the night in Cody, but Cody put on a Rodeo that day and all the hotels were booked, so we moved on to Sheridan, Wyoming.

I think it is Situs Poker Online important for me to note that New Zealand spoiled us. It really did. We found ourselves a little disappointed in Yellowstone this time around. Granted, the fires have had a major impact on the parks beauty, but Yellowstone is nothing compared to Glacier National Park. Not to say you shouldn’t visit, but once you have been to other beautiful places, you don’t appreciate it as much.


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Due to the amount of graphics and images Situs Poker Online included in this post, we have to split this post over FIVE pages. Click the link above to continue to the next page or the page number below.

Initial Thoughts on Florence and Why Planning Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Experiencing Downtown Florence For The First Time

Alright, I need to admit something. I am a planner. “Be prepared” rings Situs Poker Online very true to me. But, sometimes it can be a problem. So that is why I decided not to research any place to visit in Florence in advance.

With every city that we have visited, I have browsed the web at night trying to Situs Poker Online figure out our plans for the days we would be visiting to make sure we capitalized on the time we spent there. To be honest it can be exhausting. It also leads to little let-downs. For example, Milan has an incredible Cathedral and I really wish that I hadn’t seen it online first. It spoiled the surprise.

When you arrive at the Duomo stop on the metro and walk up the stairs you are greeted with an absolutely beautiful site. Seeing it online first deflates the surprise and excitement.

So, I thought as Florence approached, I would do something different. I Situs Poker Online wouldn’t browse around online and figure out where to go. I would wait until we had settled in and then figure it out.


Some of the statues highlighted in the museum.

This brings me to last night. We thought it would be fun to go see Situs Poker Online the Statue of David and cruise around for a bit. I knew from a while back that the statue was here in Florence, but I didn’t know what else was around it. So, I plugged in “statue of David Florence Italy” into the google maps on my iPhone and we hopped on the bus.

The Statue of David in Florence Italy


A look at the statue of David from afar. As you approach, you can see other statues that were never completed. It is interesting to see how long and meticulous the process is.


Amazing how much detail is in this statue. The original is much better than anything else I have seen.

It was a short walk to the museum. The museum is located off of a small Situs Poker Online one way street and when we arrived, it was just starting to get dark. We went into the museum and browsed around enjoying the art and crazy amount of sculptures present. Then, we walked into the room housing the Statue of David and it was incredible. The detail in the statue is so much more present then in the replicas we had seen. (They have a replica housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London)


Christmas stars hanging in the street with the cathedral in the background.

After the museum, we walked Situs Poker Online outside and upon looking left noticed some really cool star lights and the sound of Christmas music. So, we made are way in that direction.


The Hotel California. You Can Never Leave!

After traveling about two blocks we purchased some amazing Gelato and then continued down the street while we enjoyed our frozen treat. More and more Christmas lights came into view and we passed by the Hotel California! It was right then that we noticed Situs Poker Online an incredible large and beautiful building that was lit up. To be honest, it looked a little fake. So, we increased our pace a little and then the street opened into a square and we were right next to this incredible building, shops, restaurants and a very large Christmas tree.


The view as you approach when you are close to the square. It almost looks fake.


Side view of the cathedral from the street we walked down.


View of the Christmas tree in the square, next to the baptistry. There was also a large nativity set up next to the army truck on the left.

We stood and marveled at the building walking along the side and in front. I IDN Poker couldn’t believe how magnificent it looked with the green and white. The light shining on it only added to it’s beauty. After taking several photos and people-watching, we decided to get something to eat.
I did a quick search in Yelp and Trip Advisor to find something that was four or five star rated and close. I found the La Cantinetta in Borgo restaurant. It was located within 100 feet of the square.

We chose our seats in the very back of the restaurant close to the restrooms and kitchen, but away from the larger area of seating. The chef greeted us in his pajama pants and white shirt with his accompanying white socks and sandals. Right then, I knew this place was going to be great.

Their menu featured homemade pastas, meat and cheese platters, fondues, burgers and salads. We ordered our food and started on a cheese platter. About halfway through our meal, a grandmother, mother and daughter arrived and sat right next to us.

The daughter was 19 months old and her name was Beatrice. (Her name sounds incredible in Italian.) Beatrice and Grayson hit it off right away and started playing with cars and hanging out. Our waiter even joined in and was playing with the cars. (We purchased these pull back and let go race cars at the Ferrari store in Milan. These cars are really fast and a lot of fun!) We started talking with the mother who had travelled to the US and even visited Arizona. It was a lot of fun.


This is one of the cars that came with the three car set that we purchased at the Ferrari store in Milan.

These are the days I enjoy most when we are traveling! Tons of surprises and amazing food and conversations. My hope is to try to avoid planning for our first day in Siena in order to see how it turns out.

Florence is a beautiful city with a lot of rich history and so far, amazing people. I look forward to exploring the city more and discovering the richness of its culture.

London England Two Week Overview

We spent two weeks in London. This is the second time that I have been here. The first time was with my Aunt Beth just about fifteen years ago. She took me around London and different parts of England. It was the first time that I had travelled somewhere by myself and I can still remember very vividly the roads we drove, the hotels we stayed in, and the cities we roamed. One of those cities, in fact my favorite city, was Bath, England. We stayed in South Hampton, Lakenheath and Mildenhall. It was one of the funnest trips that I have ever been on and I can’t imagine how much my Aunt Beth spent while we travelled around. This trip nearly fifteen years ago set up a lot of what we would do this time around.


In most public areas in London you have to pay to use the restroom. I thought this was interesting. The bathrooms were really clean.

London is Expensive!

London is expensive. Let me rephrase that. The exchange rate is brutal. There, that is better. Technically food, items, tickets and drinks really are not more that what you will find everywhere else. The English use the pound and £2 for a bottle of coke is similar to what you would pay in Ireland or America. The problem is that £2 exchanges to USD at $3.03. Well, with that Slot small of a number you might not think it is that bad, so let’s look at a £45 pound lunch which turns out to be $68.63. Or maybe bus tour tickets that are £100 pounds but turn out to be $152.49 in USD. It all adds up, so that is one of the reasons we decided to only stay for 2 weeks. Getting around London can also be expensive. You have individual tickets and what they call the Oyster Card. You can rent a car, but then you have to deal with the LEZ.  I will outline in a future post the best way to get around London with a family.


Big Ben is a must see.

London is Historic

Cruising around London is pretty incredible. There is so much history. Historic buildings, streets, rivers and landmarks. The landscape is filled with a lot of beautiful old that is contrasted by the new. We stayed right by Tower Bridge and across the river from the Tower of London. It was the perfect location for us that offered easy access to the metro and buses with limited walking. We also had access to several restaurants nearby that were open pretty much all day.

Walking the streets of London can be breathtaking. The buildings are beautiful and ornate. We took the Big Bus Tour like we do in most big cities to get our bearings at where things are (review on our big bus experiences coming soon). Piccadilly Circus was fun to drive by and Westminster Abbey and Big Ben are iconic.

Museums are everywhere! We went to the Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and a few others. Almost all of the museums in London have free admission but they ask for donations. The Victoria and Albert museum ended up being my favorite. They have several historical pieces of art along with tons of statues. They had one particular exhibit that I found to be fascinating about Chinese weaponry.

London is Crowded

The two weeks we booked to stay in London were crowded. You had the Rugby World cup and the NFL. British children had a break from school for one of the weeks. So, needless to stay it was a little frustrating rtp slot terbaru traveling around since you were always shoulder to shoulder. Lines were also very long. As of 2014, London has 8.5 million residents. So, adding in all of the visitors for the World Cup and the NFL games, you can see how it could be busy.

London is Entertaining

One of our favorite things to do when traveling is put together a picnic lunch and visit a popular square or landmark in the city we are visiting. This allows us to watch people and interact with them. It also allows us to immerse ourselves in the culture and enjoy some music from street musicians. This time it was no different. There was a man at St. Pauls Cathedral who was playing the bagpipes. The bagpipes happen to be one of my favorite instruments, so the time we spent here was incredible.

Similar to New York, London has big attraction shops like the M&M Factory and Ripley’s Believe it or not. We tend to not shop at these places since after you have seen one, typically you have seen them all. But, we couldn’t pass up on visiting one of the largest toy stores in the world.

Hamleys Toy Store was a blast to visit and I highly recommend it. Once you walk through those doors it’s as if you are a kid again. They have toy demos set up everywhere. You can almost sample or try out every toy that they sell.  This store has seven floors! Each floor has toy except for the top floor which is dedicated to candy, chocolate, ice cream and other delicious desserts.

Conclusions On Visiting London

I think visiting London is a must for anyone who hasn’t been there before. But, I am not sure I will have a strong desire to go back for a long time. I have realized in our two months of travel so far, that I prefer staying in smaller cities. Visiting the big cities for shorter periods are best for us.

I was thrilled that I was able to visit London again, this time with my family. Seeing the kids recognize Big Ben and other historic sites from movies they had watched was a lot of fun. Experiencing scones a clotted Situs Slot Online cream again is always a must. Overall it was an enjoyable two weeks.

Where We Stayed

Lovely 2 Bedroom London Apartment

Greater London, United Kingdom

This lovely 2 bedroom apartment is situated on the 3rd floor of a beautiful portered development in Shad Thames only moments from the famous Tower Bridge and new Shard building. It is beautifully f… Continue Reading

Bath, England – My Favorite Part Of The UK

View of The Bridge and River Avon

View of The Pulteney Bridge and River Avon

I first visited this Slot Gacor Gampang Menang incredible city around 15 years ago with one of my amazing aunts. It left an impression on me that I would never forget. In fact, I have had several dreams since then about this city and I have always wanted to take my wife there. Needless to say, when we started planning this round-the-world trip, Bath was at the top of my list. I hope this post persuades you to visit.

View looking down stream

View looking down stream

The only way to describe Bath England is breathtaking! Way back in 60 AD, the Romans built baths and a temple in the heart of what is now the city. The natural hot spring that they built around is still there and you can visit it and I recommend you do. But, I think the best thing to do in Bath is to simply walk around and explore.

Exploring Bath

Walking around the heart of Bath will lead you to the Roman Baths, the beautiful cathedral and the Pulteney Bridge. Built in the 18th century, this bridge is incredible. There are several breathtaking views of this bridge like the one above. This bridge runs over the River Avon. On the bridge, there Slot Gacor are several shops and a wonderful coffee shop serving hot soups and fresh pastries. Now they even have an Orvis fly fishing store. Heaven on earth!

Coffee shop located on top of the bridge offering hot soups and warm pastries

Coffee shop located on top of the bridge offering hot soups and warm pastries.

The Avon River Cruise will take you upstream. This cruise delivers beautiful views of the city and is incredibly peaceful. This is also a great place to sit and enjoy the sound of the waterfall and the view of the river.

Visiting the Roman Baths is also a must. The city has done a great job of building out an educational tour of the baths that explain how it was built and what they used it for. You are also given access to areas where the water no longer flows but you can see where they changed and the other pools that they would lay in.

As you are driving outside of the city you are also privy to breathtaking views Slot Gacor Hari Ini over looking the Royal Crescent, which unfortunately I don’t have a picture of.

When I first visited this city fifteen years ago, I remember spending one night at about 2am just walking around and admiring the buildings, streets and scenery. No one else was around and everything was quite. I remember thinking that I had been transported back in time. I still remember that night like it happened yesterday.

So on this visit I did the same thing, except this time it wasn’t at night but during the day. A flood of thoughts and emotions from my first visit came rushing back to me and I was so thankful that I had the chance to visit Bath once again.

Lismore, Ireland – One Of The Most Beautiful Places I Have Ever Visited

Lismore, Ireland is incredible! Our visit there and Slot Gacor what we experienced was almost by accident. This type of experience is why I love traveling. So, how was it that we happened upon this place? Well, it all started with wanting to see the Lismore Castle.


You can see the Lismore Castle off in the distance in this pic.

The Lismore Castle

We had heard that the Lismore Castle was a must see attraction and since it was only about 20 miles away from Dungarvan, we figured it would be worth it to spend our morning there. So we set off towards Lismore and when we drove up to the city we saw the castle we had heard about (see the image above) and it was beautiful. This whole town is beautiful. We turned our car around and drove back to a spot on the road that would allow us to take pictures.


Lismore Castle above a bright green meadow

We then continued on into the town and everywhere we turned we saw old stone, changing fall leaves and colorful old buildings. The meadow leading up to the castle was also beautiful. As we drove up to the castle entrance, an employee told us the devastating news. The castle had closed last week for the season and would not open until the spring. He said he was sorry for the inconvenience but encouraged us to drive a few miles out of town and hike up a nature trail with the kids that offered scening views.

I have to admit that I was pretty frustrated that we wouldn’t be able to tour the castle. But, Katie and I talked and decided to go hike the nature trail. On the way we drove through a gorgeous, tree covered section of road. It was as if the trees were creating a beautiful green, yellow and orange tunnel. After we passed through the nature tunnel, we noticed the trail head off to the right and parked.


Natural tunnel we drove through that led us to the nature trail

We started on the left side of the trail and walked for about a quarter of  a mile and couldn’t help but be mesmerized by all of the beautiful green scenery. There were moss covered trees and beautiful slow running creeks. I asked Katie how long she thought we should hike this trail before turning back since our kids were starting to get hungry and she said we can go a little further. So we did and just up the trail we came across a moss-covered tunnel that appeared to be really old. Katie and I thought we had hit the jackpot with finding this bridge so we looked around and then set up to take a family photo. Little did we know that just around the corner we would see one of the coolest old towers ever.


Servants entrance to the towers. We took this pic using my Apple Watch camera remote.

The Ballysaggartmore (Lismore) Towers

This is the view as we were walking up to the towers for the first time.

This is the view as we were walking up to the towers for the first time.

View of the other side of the tower.

View on the other side of the tower.

Walking through the tunnel (we later found out from our waitress who used to be a Lismore tour guide, that this tunnel was actually the servants entrance) and to the right sat the incredible Ballysaggartmore or=&0=&Lismore Towers! Built in the 1830’s, these gothic tours are breathtaking. Luckily, on this day we had them all to ourselves. Just up from the towers, we experienced a small tranquil waterfall, the creek from which ran under the towers bridge.

The waterfall located just up from the tower.

The waterfall located just up from the tower.

My family and I spent a lot of time here walking up around and under the towers. If only we would have had a picnic lunch packed, we could have enjoyed the site for a bit longer. After taking a few pictures and videos, we took the time to sit, ponder and take it all in. This was turning out to be a day that I would never forget.

We then hiked our way back down the trail we had come up and headed into town to grab a bite to eat. While at the restaurant, we spoke to our waitress about the cities incredible beauty and the towers that we had just witnessed. She then asked ” Did you follow the trail loop to see the Grand Lodge?” Surprised, I answered no and then quickly looked up what we had missed on our travel phone. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t followed the trail all the way around. Katie and I decided that we had to drive back to see the Lodge.

The Lismore Grand Lodge

We travelled back down the same road we had been once before and as we arrived at the trail head we went right this time rather then left in order to get there quickly. Below is a picture of what we saw and we are thrilled that we came back.


Liberty posing in front of the Grand Lodge. It was never finished.

The story of this Grand Lodge goes like this “Local lore suggests that the grand entrance lodges were built as a prelude to an extravagant mansion that Keily-Ussher intended to build but never did as he ultimately ran out of funds due of their construction, and that his building pursuits were spurred on by his jealous wife who was envious of her sister in-law who lived at the stately Strancally Castle. However no contemporary account exists from the period.” -Source

We learned of this story from an information board posted near the site and decided that we needed to go see the Strancally Castle. If this story was true and there was a jealous family feud that had occurred, we needed to see the other castle.

The Strancally Castle

The Strancally Castle is still lived in, difficult to find and the main entrance gate is locked. However, there is a back entrance for deliveries and you can get a little peek of the residence from the road. This castle overlooks a large river and is surrounded by large trees. It was worth the drive and look and it is easy to see why Keily-Ussher was jealous.


A view of the front of the Strancally Castle that is still lived in today.

Overall this turned out to be my favorite day in Ireland. It was an adventure that I will never forget and I look forward to visiting Lismore again and staying there for a week or so in order to explore the down and immerse myself in it’s history. Continue Reading

Dungarvan, Ireland – Beautiful Coastal Town

The apartment we rented was located above MJ’s beauty salon and had a great view of the ocean and an old church. Everything in Habanero this town was within walking distance, so despite having a rental car, we really only used it to visit Lismore or Waterford.

Dungarvan has a nice shopping center, several Bocoran Slot Gacor Hari Ini grocery stores and plenty of great restaurants. They also have a movie theater that is nice and incredibly affordable. Like all of the towns we have visited, the people of Dungarvan are incredibly warm and friendly.

Things For Kids To Do In Dungarvan

Dungarvan has two really nice playgrounds. The first playground we visited was quite large and had an awesome zip line. Our kids played Game Starlight Princess on this zip line for hours over several days and decreed it there favorite playground in Ireland.

The local movie theater offers classic animated movies during the week that kids love to watch along with inexpensive snack options that include popcorn, a drink and candy.

Restaurants in Dungarvan

The Indian Ocean Restaurant in Dungarvan became one of our favorites. We visited several times during our stay. They Slot Gacor Pragmatic offered traditional indian dishes with a ton of great flavor. The staff was helpful and made great food recommendations. We also ate at several pubs and enjoyed a few additional restaurants. We were never disappointed. Soups and bread anywhere that we have stayed have been a welcome treat in an attempt to warm up.


Selection of food we ordered on one of our trips to The Indian Ocean Restaurant

The Anchor Bar offered good pub food with RTP Slot Tertinggi several big screen tv’s to enjoy the Rugby World Cup games on. Ireland made it to the quarter finals while we were staying here so the vibe around the city was electric. Irish fans are passionate about their Rugby!

Final Thoughts

Dungarvan was what I consider a perfect Irish city. It is big enough to offer restaurants, playgrounds, shopping RTP Live centers and a movie theater. But, it is small enough to walk around on a daily basis and explore while coming across incredibly outgoing and friendly people. Dungarvan is also located close to other smaller and larger towns.


View down the street from the apartment we rented.

I could see us visiting this town again in the future. For RTP Slot Tertinggi more info on our trip to Dungarvan, make sure to visit my wife’s blog Jolleys Journeys.

Private Town Centre Apartment in Dungarvan

Townhouse in Dungarvan, Ireland. Town Centre apartment close to award winning restaurants,traditional music pubs,shops,cinema,playground,harbour,short distance to beaches,woodland walks,golf courses.Cable tv,wifi,bed linen,towels,electricity included.Non smoking.On street parking… View all listings in Dungarvan Continue Reading

Ahakista Ireland – Sheeps Head Peninsula

Sheila converted an old stone home into this beautiful cottage that she actually divided into two different livable spaces. One of IDN Poker the original walls is found inside this home. It has a lot of cool history and she even has a photo album documenting the transformation.


View from our cottage.

As you can see in the picture above, the view from this cottage is incredible. Everything about this place is tranquil. Located on the far south end of Ireland, we were surrounded by the ocean. There was nothing around us but water, green hills and cow pastures. Every sunrise and sunset was spent looking out our balcony window and telling myself, “I can’t believe this is real”.

The kids loved playing outside here. There were two trampolines that the kids could jump around on and the cows in the neighboring Judi Bola Online pasture loved to be fed carrots and apples.


Our Kids playing on the trampoline.

What to do in Ahakista, Ireland

Since we were visiting during the off season, most pubs only served food on the weekends. So, we Sbobet88 traveled into Bantry for groceries and occasional meals. However, the first Saturday night in Ahakista we stumbled upon a wonderful treat when we decided to visit the closest pub to our cottage. This place is called Arundel’s and it blew us away. I feel like I need to explain that pubs in Europe typically have pretty good food; however, they tend to serve the same things. Arundel’s is not your typical pub.

We walked into this place and saw a sign that said “Restaurant is Upstairs”. So, we walked upstairs to find a higher-end Poker Online restaurant featuring dishes made from fresh fish caught that day and other whole food ingredients.


Arundels specials for that day found in the restaurant upstairs.

I ordered the roasted monkfish wrapped in streaky bacon served with a chili and prawn sauce. It was incredibly Sbobet88 tasty and the perfect portions. Monkfish is a white fish, but has much more flavor then cod. This meal was a pleasant surprise and one of my favorite so far on our trip.

Sheeps head has several great hiking trails and we chose to hike to the closest light house. The hike was simple and wonderful. Katie and I learned a lot on this hike about how we can work with our kids to keep walking and stop complaining. We simply Slot tell them that if they do well and don’t complain, they will get a Kinder surprise egg. (Our kids love these!) We came across a beautiful lake and several free range sheep on our way to the light house.


Light house Ahakista Ireland Sheeps Head Peninsula. Justice did enjoy the hike, he just didn’t want to take a picture.

Although getting to Ahakista took us several hours from Louisburgh, it was so worth it. I was happy to see the southern part of Ireland and experience the beauty of this majestic peninsula. Anyone looking for a relaxing holiday (vacation) should definitely consider Ahakista Ireland.

Where We Stayed


Sheilas West Wing in West Cork – Houses for Rent

House in Ahakista, Ireland. This is an extremely comfortable and well equipped home Sbobet88 with stunning views and a balcony from which to enjoy them. There is a very comfy and cosy den for reading or tv. King size bed and dressing room, comfy double bedroom ensuite. Large yoga ro… View all listings in Ahakista Continue Reading

Louisburgh Ireland – Our First Rental

The reasons for visiting Louisburgh first were obvious to Katie and I. First, we Slot Bet Kecil wanted to be in a small and quiet town, close to the ocean where our family could adjust to the time change. (Ireland is 8 hours ahead of Arizona.) This ended up not being that big of a deal for the kids. I personally think that our stay in New York for four days helped the kids adjust easier.

Second, we wanted to be in a nice home, similar to our old home in Arizona in order to make it easier on the kids, especially Grayson. On the top of this post, you will see the AirBnB location that we rented in Louisburgh. This home is owned by Dolly and Graham. Simply put, they were fantastic to work with and really spoiled us. Their home was lovely and helped us adapt quickly.


This picture shows the view down main street in Louisburgh. Taken outside of the home we were renting.

Third, Katie and I knew that after we had spent four days cruising around Situs Slot Gacor Manhattan and then two days running around Dublin, that the kids would be exhausted. Our family would need time to relax and slow down a little. We think slow travel will keep us from getting burnt out and overwhelmed. Two weeks in Louisburgh proved to be just what we needed.

What I liked about Louisburgh.

Louisburgh is breathtakingly beautiful. The home we Slot Pragmatic Hari Ini stayed in was walking distance to a fishable river and the ocean. The people of Louisburgh are incredibly friendly and helpful. Time seemed to slow down for us while we were here and it was a welcome change. The playground is close and the library had plenty of books and videos to entertain our kids.


Liberty and Justice playing at the Louisburgh Playground

Within walking distance, you had access to Slot Bet Murah a supermarket, pharmacy, 3 pubs, 2 cafes and several restaurants. Most of the cafes only accepted cash, but the pubs and supermarket accepted credit cards.

The tide in Louisburgh is wild. One beach that Slot Maxwin Graham took us  to looked as if the beach was a 1/2 mile from the water. You could tell where the water would come all the way up almost to the road. The only other place I have seen a tide close to this would be Puerto Paenasco in Mexico. Seashells are everywhere and it was almost surreal to look away from the ocean to the backdrop behind us.


Justice posing for the camera as we walk to the ocean. The ocean is behind him. This was taken at low tide.

What to do in the area around Louisburgh

Louisburgh is about a 20 minute drive from Westport. Westport is a larger town with several hotels, restaurants and a movie theater. They also have a port and the Westport house. We spent one full day in Westport and a few mornings walking around the city.

There is a lot of history surrounding Westport. The Great Famine Slot Terpercaya hit this area hard. There are still remnants of the potato planting in the fields and the family living in the Westport at the time of the famine did all they could to help the starving people in that area.

I enjoyed learning about the Browne family and their relative, the famous Situs Slot Gacor Hari Ini pirate queen Grace O’Malley. I hope that our kids learned something from this trip into Westport along with the wonderful time spent in Louisburgh. Overall, I am happy that we chose Louisburgh as our first stay and I hope that we are able to visit again in the future.

Where We Stayed

Teach an Táilliúra, – Houses for Rent in Louisburgh

House in Louisburgh, Ireland. Teach Slot Maxwin an Táilliúra is a lovingly restored four bedroomed town house in the heart of Louisburgh, with an enclosed garden backing onto fields. It is a few minutes walk from the local shops, pubs and restaurants and a short drive from the local beac… View all listings in Louisburgh Continue Reading

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