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Bath, England – My Favorite Part Of The UK

View of The Bridge and River Avon

View of The Pulteney Bridge and River Avon

I first visited this Slot Gacor Gampang Menang incredible city around 15 years ago with one of my amazing aunts. It left an impression on me that I would never forget. In fact, I have had several dreams since then about this city and I have always wanted to take my wife there. Needless to say, when we started planning this round-the-world trip, Bath was at the top of my list. I hope this post persuades you to visit.

View looking down stream

View looking down stream

The only way to describe Bath England is breathtaking! Way back in 60 AD, the Romans built baths and a temple in the heart of what is now the city. The natural hot spring that they built around is still there and you can visit it and I recommend you do. But, I think the best thing to do in Bath is to simply walk around and explore.

Exploring Bath

Walking around the heart of Bath will lead you to the Roman Baths, the beautiful cathedral and the Pulteney Bridge. Built in the 18th century, this bridge is incredible. There are several breathtaking views of this bridge like the one above. This bridge runs over the River Avon. On the bridge, there Slot Gacor are several shops and a wonderful coffee shop serving hot soups and fresh pastries. Now they even have an Orvis fly fishing store. Heaven on earth!

Coffee shop located on top of the bridge offering hot soups and warm pastries

Coffee shop located on top of the bridge offering hot soups and warm pastries.

The Avon River Cruise will take you upstream. This cruise delivers beautiful views of the city and is incredibly peaceful. This is also a great place to sit and enjoy the sound of the waterfall and the view of the river.

Visiting the Roman Baths is also a must. The city has done a great job of building out an educational tour of the baths that explain how it was built and what they used it for. You are also given access to areas where the water no longer flows but you can see where they changed and the other pools that they would lay in.

As you are driving outside of the city you are also privy to breathtaking views Slot Gacor Hari Ini over looking the Royal Crescent, which unfortunately I don’t have a picture of.

When I first visited this city fifteen years ago, I remember spending one night at about 2am just walking around and admiring the buildings, streets and scenery. No one else was around and everything was quite. I remember thinking that I had been transported back in time. I still remember that night like it happened yesterday.

So on this visit I did the same thing, except this time it wasn’t at night but during the day. A flood of thoughts and emotions from my first visit came rushing back to me and I was so thankful that I had the chance to visit Bath once again.


  1. Kalleen Zozaya

    Very Cool! So can you actually go in the bath water??

    • Brandon Jolley

      You can but only by paying for the spa. The actual tour doesn’t allow you to enter the water. However, I had all of the kids touch the water to feel how warm it was.

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